The Bulmershe Ensemble represent the Bulmershe School which is a Comprehensive school in Woodley with 1200 students from 11-19.

The Bulmershe Ensemble was established at the Bulmershe School in January 2014 to enter the Hexagon Mayors Let's Sing Competition. The choir quickly grew from strength to strength winning the Mayors let's sing competition in 2015 and 2016.  The group then had their first taste of national success with a performance award at the Music for Youth National Festival in 2015.

In 2016 the Ensemble entered the Gareth Malone, Best in Britain TV competition which aired on BBC in November. The Ensemble were the youngest contestants in the contest and described as ‘ A self-confessed competitive bunch, who give modern chart-toppers their own gospel-infused stamp, this choir can’t resist coming up with some hand-clapping, foot-stomping choreography to help their performances stand out.’ The Ensemble exceeded all expectations in this competition and made it to the grand final and are very proud of their third place position!

As well as entering competitions, the Ensemble is passionate about performing in their local area and giving back to the community. The choir helps provides the young people in it with a sense of belonging and helps instill confidence and improve self-esteem. The choir is non- auditioned and all are welcome as long as they are prepared to commit.

18:30 - FEBUEDER

The wonderful alternative trio Febueder made up of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey and percussionist Samuel Keysell return to Are You Listening? Festival.

Their name, which began as a made-up appellation (pronounced like Bermuda), has grown to embody something more since their early days of recording in downtime between skateboarding at The Tunnel. It's the palette from which they present their sincere songwriting and progressive approach to rhythm and melody; one that has earned them praise from the likes of NME, The Line of Best Fit, CLASH, and DIY.


Former guitar-tutor-and pupil duo Hatty and Nigel twist Blues, Gospel, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop and psychedelia into a dark, electronic rock ‘n’ roll cocktail of their own concoction, with primitive synths and Nigel’s echoey surf guitar offsetting Hatty’s haunted vocals. Their oft-demented live shows hotwire the sound, creating a vibe akin to squat rave at a prayer revival meeting.

20:30 - AK/DK

AK/DK’s new album ‘Patterns/Harmonics’ takes us deeper into their ever-changing, kaleidoscopic world of wild synths and drums. A joyful barrage of distorted drums and rhythms interweaves with simmering electronics. Known for their high energy and structural abandon as a live act, the duo now reveal a glimpse of their production and compositional nuance with their second, full-length album. Alongside their relentless disco-punk drums and Carpenter-esque arpeggios, a more developed sound is now on offer.

The new recordings reveal the band evolving their musical style and structures; songs such as the title track ‘Patterns / Harmonics’ and the new single ‘Morphology’ display the raw energy and almost no-wave punk aesthetic of the group. Compare this to the dense, electronic composition of others such as ‘Bright Isles of Lights’ and the conjoined atmospheres of ‘Modulahhh’ and ‘Modulaargh’. When interspersed between the Devo like driving riffs of dance-floor-bangers like ‘Lagom’ and ‘Modulate to Accumulate’ you can begin to hear how the band deftly blends their various styles and influences. This album takes us on a journey from the dreamy melodies of Kraftwerk, via the deep electronica of Delia Derbyshire and James Holden, to the searing noise of bands such as Hookworms and Battles.

AK/DK are a band most at home on stage and their stream of largely improvised layers of fizzing arpeggios and crushing motorik drums has earned them places at many of the stages and festivals all around the UK and Europe, including Latitude, End of The Road, ArcTanGent and Green Man.

Image of AK/DK

WARM DIGITS aka Newcastle based Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis released their acclaimed third album Wireless World on Memphis Industries.

In the words of legendary DJ/producer Andrew Weatherall, Warm Digits create “Machine funk kraut-a-delia – it’s rather lovely!” Warm Digits' brew of live drums, guitar and electronics betray a love of Neu!, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, My Bloody Valentine and Boards Of Canada. Motorik percussion, electronic basslines, Keith Levene-style guitar chops and squelchy analogue warmth are accompanied by live visuals in performances that have graced the Psych Fests of both London and Liverpool, seen them support the likes of Goblin, Modeselektor, ESG, St. Etienne, Moon Duo and many more, toured the UK with British Sea Power and blown the audience away at Supersonic and many other festivals. Their blistering live sets of "krautophonic blizzard-wave" have to be seen to be believed.

For their latest record, the band have sharpened up the elements of their sound for a set of crisp, propulsive and melodically rich songs, and for the first time on selected songs have collaborated with some of their favourite vocalists: Peter Brewis of Field Music, Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne, Devon Sproule, and Mia La Metta of Beards. 


Over thirteen years and six albums, former Mercury Prize nominees Field Music (brothers Peter and David Brewis), have managed to carve a niche where all of these sounds can find a place; a place where pop music can be as voracious as it wants to be. The band's music draws on influences as wide-ranging as Stravinsky, Stax r&b, Fleetwood Mac, Serge Gainsbourg, Thelonious Monk and Kate Bush.

Field music's sound is like all of the pop music you've ever heard but with a distinctly British - and north-eastern, tinge. they've become known for a deconstructionist approach to songwriting, playfully twisting compositions into new and odd shapes, with a refreshing disregard for convention and cliche.

The band recently released their album 'Open Here' on Memphis Industries to continued acclaim.  


Having cut his teeth DJ’ing in his teenage years Phil is bolting all around the UK and Europe bringing his insanely high energy performances and ear melting mix of lefty dance floor fillers. Just cause he’s skinny fringe boy worry not, there will be no indie or rock. How dare you for profiling. This is a rave not a riff factory.

Whether it be dropping club sets at Koko, XOYO, Kamio in London, Ibiza Rocks support Skrillex or Dizzee Rascal or slaying sets at Wireless, Field Day, Kendal Calling, Reading and Leeds etc... His versatile sets are packed full of energy and have made him a repeat booking wherever he goes to play.

Phil Taggart is one of the youngest faces tearing up the night time on BBC Radio 1. His Sunday 10pm show has cult status amongst night time radio listeners taking in some incredible Bedtime Mixes from the likes of Radiohead, Tame Impala, The 1975 etc. Phil has also been given the keys to the underground of Radio 1 as each week he fronts the Specialist Chart (Mon 9pm) which is a 60 minute digest of the best of all Radio 1 after hours has to offer.

Phil also fronts up all the new music on Vevo from DSCVR to 'Lift' to 'Ones to Watch' to writing and producing his own content for the company in his own show DSCVR New Videos. Along with this Phil has his own show on Channel 4, 'Best Before' which is on it's way back for another series later on in the year.

Phil also runs a Record Label - Hometown Records as well as a hugely successful and usually sold out monthly club night is London called Slacker.

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