17:45 - EVER HAZEL
Always looking for another adventure. 
Electronic tinted alternative pop.

'A Surgeon's Hand' EP released 2017.
18:45 - SLUG

SLUG the nom de plume of North East merrymaker Ian Black, returns with new album HiggledyPiggledy on 13 April 2018 via Memphis Industries.

Whereas previous album RIPE was made in collaboration with Peter and David Brewis of Field Music, HiggledyPiggledy was composed, produced and played entirely by Black enabling him to give free reign to his beguiling brand of Dada-rock.

Black taught himself how to produce while making HiggledyPiggeldy, by all accounts a terrifying process that drove Black to the edge of sanity. To function he imagined himself variously as Lindsey Buckingham making Tusk, Eno producing Another Green World and Tod Rundgren laying down A Wizard A True Star.  In so doing Black was able to keep an equilibrium and make the record making experience experimental and spontaneous.

The album was inspired by a combination of The Residents, John Carpenter and the soundtracks of Don Cherry (particularly Holy Mountain) and Masahiko Sato (particularly Belladonna) plus the Dada art movement which will be self evident to anyone who’s seen the hilarious and life affirming SLUG live experience, replete with ever changing stage wear (snooker players, sailors, 50s jazz combo) and spontaneous crowd participation.

We are looking forward to welcoming SLUG to AYL.

Image of SLUG
19:45 - ADAM & ELVIS

Bonded not only by blood but a taste for finding humour in the macabre, Patrick and Tom Malone are brothers whose sibling intuition extends to a penchant for songs as melodic as they are bizarre. Cut-throat guitars, dirty bass lines and contorted synthesisers are their tools as the brothers pen hook-filled numbers with strange, poetic lyrics, often influenced by the stark realism in the wordplay of Patrick’s heroes Leonard Cohen and Charles Bukowski.

Image of ADAM & ELVIS

Ben Marwood was formed in 1981. He plays an acoustic guitar, so people call it folk music. He doesn't know his scales, he doesn't read music and he doesn't own a hat: this is not traditional folk. Drawing influence from American songwriters (Elliott Smith, Ben Gibbard, John Darnielle, etc) as well as some skinny English ones (Frank Turner, Chris T- T, Johnny Flynn), Marwood's command of the English language is clear, the lyrics often self-deprecating. Signed to London indie label Xtra Mile Recordings, Marwood has released three albums (Outside There's A Curse, 2011; Back Down, 2013; Get Found, 2017) and his Mum says she likes them all equally.


The Surfing Magazines, a new garage-rock group consisting of two-thirds of The Wave Pictures and one half of Slow Club.

Consisting of David Tattersall and Franic Rozycki of The Wave Pictures, Charles Watson of Slow Club and drummer Dominic Brider. The band released their self-titled debut album last September on Moshi Moshi.

Consisting of David Tattersall and Franic Rozycki of The Wave Pictures, Charles Watson of Slow Club and drummer Dominic Brider, the band pull in influence from all of the great surf music of the 60s and the band’s musical inspirations of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, the band are professedly ‘at war’ with today’s pretentious prog-indie- rock millionaires and bongo pop demigods. They intend to ‘rock out and blow your mind, and then mellow out and soothe your mind, then rock out again’.

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