Nightjjar is the work of Reading-based songwriter, Aden Pearce.

Originally toiling in rock bands around the Thames Valley at the turn of the century, Aden came to the attention of Interscope records through a Kerrang! magazine demo competition – the snag being that he was shortlisted for a live set and had no band, having produced the songs on his own. However emboldened by the experience, he relocated to Reading, playing shows for the next decade under his own name and quietly earning a strong reputation as an acoustic performer.

By the end of 2015 Aden had found himself a stalwart of the local scene but, becoming disillusioned with the limitations he had imposed upon himself as a one-man-and-guitar act, he took a year off and began to tinker with a loop station and a laptop to expand his sonic palette. Inspired by Radiohead and John Grant, Aden took off to produce a new sound fused somewhere between organic folk and electronica and started playing well-received shows to small but enthusiastic audience.

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