J Dogg aka Jordan Hawkins is an enthusiastic and aspiring lyricist who is taking the local music industry by storm. He’s a Reading lad and grew up in the Southcote Council Estates. After school, J Dogg enlisted with the Military and served six years before leaving in 2015. His friends and family have supported his decisions with love and understanding and were extremely glad and happy to have him home again.

J Dogg was shown the ropes of the music scene by Danny Mrt a well recognised uk garage artist, and has expressed how much he appreciates and is grateful to Danny for making all of this possible. J Dogg’s unique style of performance has a soul baring difference to the mainstream comparison and the meaning and emotion behind his lyrics touches everyone who listens. Several interviews from his fans have confirmed that J Dogg’s style has touched and enraptured even those who don’t consider themselves a fan of the particular genre of music. He is turning many heads his way and he is only growing more popular with the local music industry. His style and the lyrics that he chooses to use comes from the heart, and that type of natural emotion in any performance is a rare and talented find.

J Dogg describes himself as a “Grime and D ‘n B MC” and is a true lyricist in every meaning of the word. He has supported many acts including (but not limited to): Oxide ‘n Neutrino, Preditah, High Contrast, Serial Killaz, Wiley, Congo Natty, Annix, Ivy Lab, DJ Brockie, Kenny Ken, Nicky Black Market, Artful Dogder, Bushkin and many others. J Dogg, started out on the pirate radio scene and has moved up from there to places such as UK Raw radio and Flight FM.

J Dogg has been in  the club scene and has found that he loves it and that it also loves him. His fan following has grown exponentially since he stormed the clubs and is only increasing with all the extra exposure this gives him. He does a lot of work with Reading’s very own DJ Pressure – a well-known DJ who has been on the scene for over a decade and who has helped several other artists get the exposure they need.

J Dogg’s goal and aspirations are to keep climbing that ladder of success he’s on and to perform at bigger venues, festivals and events, and to eventually release an album.

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