Over thirteen years and six albums, former Mercury Prize nominees Field Music (brothers Peter and David Brewis), have managed to carve a niche where all of these sounds can find a place; a place where pop music can be as voracious as it wants to be. The band's music draws on influences as wide-ranging as Stravinsky, Stax r&b, Fleetwood Mac, Serge Gainsbourg, Thelonious Monk and Kate Bush.

Field music's sound is like all of the pop music you've ever heard but with a distinctly British - and north-eastern, tinge. they've become known for a deconstructionist approach to songwriting, playfully twisting compositions into new and odd shapes, with a refreshing disregard for convention and cliche.

The band recently released their album 'Open Here' on Memphis Industries to continued acclaim.  

"the critics' favourite indie duo"
The Guardian
"fidgety pop that generates a smile"
The Independent
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