Eastgreen is an ambitious and genuinely humble young hip-hop artist from Coley Park in Reading who has been building his audience with quirky and original lyrical content over the last five years.

He self-produced the first of his four albums at the age of 13, and in the past year he has been taking major and crucial steps to the spotlight with gigs across the country performing at prestigious venues such as Thekla in Bristol, and the O2 Academy in Islington.

This year has begun creatively for Eastgreen with writing, producing and filming a brand new track ‘The Cycle’ within seven hours on New Year’s Day. The musical stall has been set out for him to release his forthcoming fifth album, new videos, projects and performances to an ever-growing fanbase. His maturity over the last couple of years, strategy and creativity has earned him a well deserved position as one of the Alt Reading Sound 2016 acts to watch this year and beyond. He will be premiering the new album Lucifers Journal.

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