Alphabet Backwards’ ethos is simple: To champion the noble art of Pop music, dancing all the way. It’s infectious, and puts a smile on your face. It’s a summery, joyous, happy-go-lucky affair, punctuated with an irresistible synth buzz and hooks aplenty. After all, Pop is not a dirty word. The band grew around the song writing of James Hitchman. One man and his guitar can only go so far on his own, so he recruited people he enjoyed playing with. Josh and Paul had played in previous bands with him, so there were no problems on that front. Bob Tom was pretty easy to find too, he was working as a church organist just down the road from Josh, whose sister was finally enlisted after James heard her singing in the shower. They’ve put the ground work in developing an enthusiastic and lively fan-base in Oxford, and the word is spreading fast.

"A chirpy slice of melancholic synth-spangled indie pop"
Nightshift Magazine
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