17:45 - The Military Arcade

The band formed in 2008, and started as a 3 piece. The band released the first EP in 2012 and followed that with a local battle of the bands win.

The band then recorded their debug album revolution is imminent and won best live act at exposure music awards. The band was then invited to play in Belgium at the exposure show there and the band were praised by industry top dogs including Steve Brown (producer for manic street preachers, wham and Freddie mercury)

They followed this with a UK tour before going on hiatus. But the band are back in full swing with several shows booked and working with producer Pete brand (inme/stereophonics) on the next album.

Image of The Military Arcade
18:45 - Intraverse

Alternative rock act Intraverse are four lifelong friends, feeding their musical appetite with one defining notion; making music they want to hear.

On paper their ideology is a very simple formula, but live, it is a powerhouse of a sonic spectacle, coupling visual theatrics with truly gifted musicianship.

The band’s first single ‘Please Don't Share Your Kisses' climbed to No.4 in the Itunes rock chart and debuted Top 40 in the official Indie Chart, an outstanding achievement for an unsigned band. They have continued to convert the uninitiated at festivals including the mighty Download, and Halloween’s Nightmare in Camden.

Image of Intraverse
19:30 - Black State Highway

Black State Highway are a five- piece female fronted rock outfit formed at the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music; their mission is to inflict what they call ‘The Pong’. In other words they use filthy stinkin’, bluesy riffage delivered in a down to earth jeans and t-shirt kind of way, to put a disgusted expression on the faces of those who enjoy such afflictions.

Amongst a wide and varied repertoire of influences, Black State Highway are heavily influenced by the old school 70s rock bands whom need not be named, but despite following this pedigree they stamp authority by stepping outside the boundaries of classic rock traditions with their own original brand of heavy riff based rock. The rhythm section promises sizable power and aggression that will shake the ground beneath the crowd. Coupled with the crunching riffs, relentlessly skilled solos, and not to mention the raw, melodic hooks of Steinberga's power-vocals, they create a ‘one off’ sound that has never been heard before.

Image of Black State Highway
19:45 - Arsenio *REPLACE - Black State Highway*

ARSENIO are an unassuming guitar and drum duo from the burbs of reading who play a form of glistening high powered sportsmusic. chug and squall and syncho rumble. math rock scribbled on a napkin, more than the sum of its parts, an equation that does not equate. sprawling and restless riff monster compojams that hide their tracts of melody like an ogre hides his heart. that lodge their spawn nestled in your ears and leave them to hatch and grow up in your brain. enjoy.

Image of Arsenio *REPLACE - Black State Highway*
20:45 - The Twin Dracula

Having spent their first 12 months as a band sharing stages with punk heavyweights GBH, Chelsea, and The Peacocks, Reading's The Twin Dracula look to enter 2015 with their as-yet-untitled fourth EP, scheduled for release this summer.

Image of The Twin Dracula
21:45 - God Damn

Dropped like a pipe-bomb into the British rock scene, Wolverhampton band God Damn have spent the last three years nailing audiences to the walls with their sonic blasts of glorious noise. Yet their debut album Vultures offers more than just machismo, bombast and bluster. There is nuance and melody. Purpose and meaning. Heartfelt intent.

A dizzying blend of barbed wire guitars, lung-shredding vocals and drums that run away like wild horses. It’s all the more effective when you learn God Damn are a stripped-down two-piece.

The band have toured with the likes of Slaves, Funeral For A Friend, Eagulls, The Wytches, Hawk Eyes, Turbowolf and played a host of festivals including Bestival, Camden Rocks and Hand Made.

Image of God Damn
22:45 - The Computers

Signed to One Little Indian, The Computers are from Exeter. Their sound initially fused hardcore punk and garage rock and progressed to a less heavy sound incorporating blues and soul.  In March 2015 the band began recording their 3rd studio album.

Image of The Computers
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