16:30 - Workin' Man Noise Unit

We are called WORKIN' MAN NOISE UNIT. Apostrophe, no G. (Yeah, all the good names were taken, OK.) We are drums, feedback loops, an electric bass guitar, an electric 6-string guitar and vocals. Break out the cold ones. Soft and sweet. Entrenched in this shitpit town of Reading, famous for nothing and nothing less. Full of recruitment consultants and commuters, the worst of all ordinary people. And golf fans and retail assistants and the kind of smile that only ever lasts half a day. Yeah, that's about right. And we're even more uncool than they are. 

"There's enough c**ted Mithraic fire within these two brief sides of monumental midrange and Tinnitus-inducing plateaux to summon up a whole new music scene around these geezers, nay, these Pyramids of Giza. What’s it sound like? F**k knoweth, brothers’n’sisters ... only a right dreary c**t could disapprove of these robust tricksters and their slap-you-in-the-mush tactics. Right on!" 
- Julian Cope

17:30 - Quiet Victories

Thunderous, enigmatic, life-affirming; the powerhouse trio that is Quiet Victories formed in Reading in 2013. Having refined their sound to a blend of shoegaze ambience and heavy post-rock, they started playing gigs at the beginning of 2014. Using a wide range of pedalboard effects, they create instrumental epics that can lull you into a daydream then revive you with triumphant resolve.

18:30 - Falling For Stacey

5 piece Pop Punk/Rock from Reading. Tom King, (vocals) Henry Helas (guitar) Henry Belcher (guitar) Will Clarke (Bass) Darius Zaltash (Drums.  The band takes influences from Pop Punk bands such as Blink 182, Green Day, The Wonder Years and The Story So Far, but also with some heavier artists such as A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon.  

The band play loud high energy songs, creating an upbeat and intense live experience. An EP is in the works, debut single “Running On Empty”  out now.

19:30 - Occupy

Occupy! are a punk trio from Reading, UK formed in September of 2013.

"Very energetic, who needs coffee when you've got Occupy!?" - Reading 107 FM

In December 2013 the band released their debut EP "Freaks and Fiends". In January 2014 the band began recording their next release, the debut album "F*** You Mr Prime Minister" at Monnow Valley Studios in Wales and Ealing Studios in London.

20:30 - Terrics

Terrics, started out in late 2011 and this lively quartet rumble the South UK circuit with their Pop Punk infused sound. Sighting influences from their favourite bands of their youth, being compared to such bands as The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday & The Get Up Kids.

21:30 - God Damn

One Little Indian (Bjork) label signed atomic drum and guitar duo God Damn - Thom Edward (guitars/vocals) and Ash Weaver (drums) – are pure attack: molten pop hooks galvanized in a blaze of bludgeoning riffs and furiously propulsive percussion. 

Hailing from the heart of the Black Country and describing themselves as “rock music for degenerates”, God Damn fuse ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana, Jesus Lizard, ‘Surfer Rosa’ era Pixies and At The Drive In influences whilst swearing allegiance to the ‘Seven J’s’ of their Holy Bible: Hendrix, Homme, Cash, White, Page, Bonham and Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal).

"'I'm a Lazer, You're a Radar' is a rip-rollicking thrash, brutally mixing grunge and the regions finest export, heavy metal." - NME

"A heads-down, hair-in-your-eyes, twat-your-instruments-as-hard-as-humanly-possible riff riot." - The Guardian

"There's sweat stains happening after that, that was one intense record." - Phil Taggart (Radio 1 New Music Show)

22:30 - Bellyeyesmile

Reshaping and remodelling has been Bellyeyesmile's main concern over the last half year. A whole new set is written and with a recording planned for spring 2014 it’s an interesting time to come and discover what ground has been made. Expect; loud, challenging but impassioned music.

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