13:30 - Bloom
We Are Four, We Are Bloom. Providing the Rhythm of Earth, Teamed with the Rumble of Water, Roaring of Fire & Whisper of Air.
14:15 - Peerless Pirates-2
Their sound is a marriage of energetic, up tempo, guitar driven songs with lyrics inspired by the everyday tinged with splashes of history and naughtiness!
15:00 - The Ultimate End
A new Reading band on the scene featuring ex members from Desdemona.
15:45 - Abandon
A post-rock/ambient/slo-core band. Dense layers of guitars sprawl and sparkle like dying stars over a bare and shifting landscape, worded by the personal lyrics of Umair.
17:00 - Shoals (acoustic)
A band which shares a love for the anthems of Britpop, the grooves of motown, and the harmonious psychedelia of the 60's.
17:45 - Coastal Cities
Coastal Cities are a fresh indie-dance band comprised of five teenage friends from High Wycombe, west of London. Inspired by Contemporary indie music, The Smiths, Joy Division and other 80's New Wave bands. "Joyous math-inflected guitar-pop... the track's jagged guitar lines hook into you and don't let go." - CLASH
18:30 - The 3.1419 Wonders
The wonders state their influence on Facebook as '6 cans of Kronenbourg 1664 for £4.99'. This might well be true but you can tell you, they make grungy Indie pop and featuring Pete Hefferan (ex Pete & the Pirates).
Tail Feather have a fluid approach to their songs that is not as constrained by arrangement and celebrates music which has pasted but with a contemporary feel.
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