Priincess Kemz, birth name Kemi. An upcoming rapper. From the East London.

Priincess Kemz is currently in education at Anglia Ruskin University studying performing arts. She has been involved in various open mics and competitions around Shore ditch, Camden and Cambridge, and is on her way to pursuing her music career. She is working towards creating her album. Priincess Kemz will be performing at the music festival Walsall Woodstock on May 25th and 26th 2015.

Started rapping at the age of 16. She would compose short silly raps for fun. A few years later she became more serious about her music and found that writing helped her to express herself in a way she couldn't before. Singing, for Priincess Kemz is a more intimate place for her. Its where she feels vulnerable and is a comfort place where she can lose herself in the music.

''Steaming Leaning Man I'm Still Dreaming, Man I'm Still Dreaming Even though My Brains Screaming''.


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