Black Helium are a London based four-piece formed in 2016 and since then, have spread their sonic gumbo of hard-edged psychedelic head-fuckery and Neanderthal glam rock swagger to anyone willing to listen.

The line-up is Stuart Gray (Guitar and Vocals), Beck Harvey (Bass and Vocals), Davey Mulka (Guitar) and Diogo Gomez (Drums), and influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Oh Sees, Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats, Hawkwind, Amon Düül II, and Can, Black Helium channel an era when psychedelic rock stood for mind-expanding eclecticism, and hip-shaking sonic hedonism in equal measure, moving from motor city heroism to shapeless Kosmische ambient ego-death via space ritual riff worship.

"Like The Stooges f**king a pizza to death"
"Trippy, heavy and intoxicating, Black Helium channel their influences of Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Amon Dual II and The Stooges with a unique prowess."
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