Amya-Ray is a Berkshire-based singer-songwriter whose unique brand of ethereal-pop soul fusion is firmly rooted in everyday life, finding beauty in the mundane and offering a vivid account of the hopes, fears and frustrations of a young woman in the modern world. Her shows are intimate experiences, with songs drawing directly from personal life experiences and delivered with unflinching honesty.

Her debut single ‘Stella’ is a case in point - a bold exploration of teenage female alcoholism which manages to find a message of hope in spite of its bleak subject matter. “I like to captivate people through emotion, telling a story and taking them on a journey. “ She grew up surrounded by music ranging from Classic Rock, Gospel, Bollywood to RNB. This diversity is reflected in her own influences, which include London Grammar, Banks, Sammy Davis Jr, Warpaint and Nina Simone. Amya is currently in the studio working on new releases.

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