Somewhere within a lifetime of repeats, reruns and reboots, TVAM lives, crafting sounds and visuals which touch on our memories but toy with our fears. A world in which broadcast becomes performance.

Hypnotic tracks which straddle an impressive spectrum of influence; with Boards of Canada's irresistible nostalgia, Suicide's deconstructed rock'n'roll and MBV's infinite noise all becoming touching points in Oxley's musical output.

Shining a harsh light on our nostalgia, TVAM's live show is something of a spectacle. Blurring the line between art and performance, Oxley is aided by long-dead technology and haunted sloganeering to broadcast his self-styled psychic data. Toying with the power of influence, TVAM offers no comfort in this age of unease.

We are excited to hear songs from the acclaimed album Psychic Data.

"take our word for it that Psychic Data is one of THE albums of 2018, and something that’ll be a cult classic for years to come. We don’t always need to look back to find greatness, and TVAM is proof why."
"a clever work of retrofuturist innovation and a trompe l’oreille rolled into one"
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