Tiger Mendoza is the alias of producer/remixer/multi-instrumentalist Ian De Quadros. Following the release of the Hope Sick EP in 2009, Tiger Mendoza has released a number of EPs and albums as well as producing remixes for artists and bands including Public Enemy, DJ Shadow (who he also supported), and Little Red. Live shows are a shapeshifting beast, based around massive breaks, bass and, more than anything else energy.

His most recent releases, Old Ideas 1 and 2, released in 2017 and 2018 respectively were a attempt at trying to deal with personal and national events over the last the 2 years and involved collaborations with a number of friends old and new from the Oxford Music scene including Kid Kin, Luke from Daisy, Asher Dust and a track with rapper / poet Pierquin which earned a spot in Nightshift's tracks of the year 2017.

 You could sum up Tiger Mendoza as an accident – but a happy accident. The music is an attempt to create great songs with beats, guitars and whatever other sounds and nonsense happen to wander past at the time.

"It’s grimy, heavy and it’s coming to get you"
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