Band Time Venue
Abandon 15:45 Purple Turtle
As Elephants Are 20:30 Pavlov’s Dog
Bloom 13:30 Purple Turtle
Chris Bound DJ 19:00 Oakford Social Club
Club.The.Mammoth DJs 22:30 Oakford Social Club
Coastal Cities 17:45 Purple Turtle
Damien A Passmore & The Loveable Fraudsters 16:30 Pavlov’s Dog
Damien A Passmore & The Loveable Fraudsters-2 21:15 RISC
Damn Damn Patriots 01:15 Oakford Social Club
Dan Fisher (Red Kite) 19:45 Oakford Social Club
DAN LE SAC DJ 22:00 Milk
Daniel Pattison 16:45 Milk
Eleven27 DJ 20:15 Milk
Empty White Circles (Cancelled) 15:30 Pavlov’s Dog
Haze-2 16:00 Milk
Jack Robert Hardman 15:30 Oakford Social Club
Jimmy Glanville 19:15 South Street Main Room
Jordan O'Shea 14:30 Milk
Jordan O'Shea-2 15:30 Pavlov’s Dog
Kill Murray (Cancelled) 19:45 Pavlov’s Dog
Lewdjaw x Danero 19:45 Milk
Liam O' Bey 18:30 South Street MacDevitts Room
Lonesound 19:30 RISC
Mariah Pariah 14:45 Pavlov’s Dog
Matt Maltese 19:30 South Street MacDevitts Room
MineOurArc 19:00 Milk
Mr Fogg 22:15 RISC
Mt. Wolf (Cancelled due to ill health) 16:30 Oakford Social Club
Our Biscuit Selves 13:45 Milk
Peerless Pirates-2 14:15 Purple Turtle
PERFECT LIFE 21:00 South Street Main Room
QUIET QUIET BAND 21:15 South Street MacDevitts Room
Red Kite (acoustic) 17:30 Milk
Shoals (acoustic) 17:00 Purple Turtle
Shoot For The King 18:00 Pavlov’s Dog
Skint Mondays DJs 20:15 Oakford Social Club
Skint Mondays DJs-2 21:15 Oakford Social Club
Solid Gold Death Star DJ 21:00 Milk
Sophie Henderson 15:15 Milk
Speedboat Assassin 18:15 Milk
STAGECOACH 21:30 Pavlov’s Dog
Steve Morano 16:30 Oakford Social Club
Sundara Karma 20:30 South Street MacDevitts Room
TAIL FEATHER 19:30 Purple Turtle
Talulah Kills-2 20:00 South Street Main Room
The 3.1419 Wonders 18:30 Purple Turtle
THE GOOD NATURED (Cancelled due to illness) 22:15 RISC
The Sparrow Club 20:15 RISC
The Ultimate End 15:00 Purple Turtle
Towns 20:45 Oakford Social Club
TRIPWIRES 21:45 Oakford Social Club
Violet Class 18:45 Pavlov’s Dog
Waxed Collective DJs 22:15 Pavlov’s Dog
Wild Swimmers 14:15 Oakford Social Club
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